T-Rex Studios focuses on working with intellectual properties and converting into interactive entertainment products on mobile, tablets, pc and video games.

To today's office

From our first office of 5 people... humble beginnings

​​​A little about us...

Hi, we're T-Rex Games, an independent games company in Shanghai, China started in late 2013, with a mission to work with intellectual properties and make the best game experiences we can.

Our first few products include using the famous Chinese story IP, Journey to the West (or the Monkey King), and turning this into an innovative new game. Our second product licenses the Japanese anime IP called Ikkitousen which is due to release later this year.

Our expertise includes:

+ IP licensing and management in China.

+ Full game development.

+ Publishing know-how..

+ Multi-platform expertise including smartphones, tablets, pc, VR and video game consoles.

+ Multi territory releases.

Our background:

We're a mixed bunch of talented people from Chinese gaming companies such as SNDA and Changyou, to foreign gaming companies based in China such as Konami, EA, THQ and Ubisoft with a deep understanding of quality products and working with intellectual properties new and old.